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2007-12-20 02:31:11 by flyingspacebar

WARNING: this post is not anything interesting do not read it. Or do read it i mean i dont have any control over you or anything or do i...... jump off a cli(wait i already did this joke in another post, oops)

Ok why do i do these posts, nobody reads them and they are really pointless since i dont tell anyone any news or anything.....i wonder how many people on newgrounds make news posts? and how many of them are actually news posts? and if any of them are like mine?@#~!#$@$%$%&$^&

I love those little punctuations, they add so much life to a post they make everyone happy and sad and most people find them just blatantly annoying........ but i dont, do you................ it's funny i never seem to use. them in* the! right places@#$%#$^$&%^&.

something that i like equally as much as punctuation are smilies or emoticons they can portray your whole life in a few simple lines, for example, :-) happy not overly exited not down reasonable sized nose etc. but some come more complicated 8-| series, but not to serious wants to fit in with sunglasses but still stands out in a crowd.

one of my all time favourite text based thingoe is the BUNNY OF DEATH
(='.'=) Help it take over the world.

Well since you read this you'll like some more go to My site


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