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Are you reading this?

2007-12-06 01:48:21 by flyingspacebar

Are you reading this?
Well i guess if i'm asking this question and your reading it, then you must be reading it. But i may just be typing this for no reason apart from wasting my own time and quite possibly your time too (that is if you are actually reading this) . but i spose that if your choosing to read on then you either think this is really interesting, funny, cancerous and sexy, but you might just want to waste your time, but who would want to waste their own time? Oh yeah me.
Well since you either think i'm sexy or you want to waste some time i might as well say something construcitve


See constructive critisism, or is that just a plain old insult. who cares, you're obviously not offended because your still reading, but you could just be looking to see if there are any more insults so you can report me and get me banded or something. but you wouldn't do that would you? You're a good person and you wouldn't stoop as low as me to just get something bad happen to me out of pure vengance. but you might be trying to do some sort of mental thing to make me hurt myself. Ow...... you made me hit myself, you evil, evil, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!! person, how could you be sooooo mean.

Hang on.... are you still reading? cool, i am forcing your will. now pick up a shovel and kill everyone in your neighbourhood, or just everyone in Neighbours (Aussie joke). Or could you possibly blow up the creators of the Idol franchise, if you will do it for me keep reading...
Wow, so your actually going to do it, that's good, no more will millions of people sit around a tv, that they payed for, whatch people who are rubbing talent (or lack of) in their faces and having people then for out loads of money on a result that is probobaly rigged any way. I reckon that in america more people vote on American Idol than they do when voting for their president (no wonder they have bush as a president). I suggest to anyone that votes on any show like american idol to STOP, if you want to throw your money away trying to change something, send me your money with a message and i will put that message in my next post. at least that way your garrenteed that your money will actually change something.

ooh that was meaningless or was it?

well i'm all out of blabbingness,

why are you still reading.


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2007-12-06 03:07:59

I read about a third of it, then stopped reading after realizing that you had nothing to say.

flyingspacebar responds:

i never have anything to say, but sometimes i dont, well that's the the same thing isnt it?