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2007-10-22 07:06:56 by flyingspacebar

shooblagooma, shoooblagooma,
it's shooblagooma day today,
it's the day to make up words,
it's the day to act really gay,
if you don't know what it is,
then act like you doo,
it's shooblagooma day today.

If the birds are alive,
and the donkeys are drunk,
it must be shooblagooma day,

if you say it really fast,
you sound really stupid,
but is you say it really slow,
you might be cupid,
it must be shooblagooma day.

people can have fun,
there's cats eating bread,
you can see where i'm going,
but no you really can't,

shoo-bla-gooma, oopity gaa,
im going to ryme some stuff for ya,
if you can sing what i say,
then you must have eaten some hay.

shoob-la-gooma, luppify woosh,
now for some words that you want to shoosh,
la la la la la lala la
la lala la la la la la,

now it's time for me to hide,
you may like this,
but i doubt that you even care
now i can run,
before people comment
it's been shoob-la doob-la coob-la hoob-la gooma day!!!!

*talks normally*

hmm that was very deppressing wasn't it?


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2007-10-22 07:18:34

indeed :(