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2007-10-11 07:10:28 by flyingspacebar

hmmm, i have just stumbled upon newgrounds. It looks pretty cool, so i have decided to post my game on it. I wonder why you are actually reading this, do you know me? do you like my highly creative name?(i couldnt think of one so i just looked at my keyboard) or are you simply just strolling through this very well developed site(trying to get on the good side of the creater). Any reason that you are reading this is good enough for me, it means that all this typing was actually worth while, hmm i seem to be going on about nothing at the moment, well i have been rambling on for about this whole post. I wonder if newgrounds cares....... i guess not, because if you are reading this, then it is obviously still on the site, unless of course if you are a newgrounds staff, who is reading this and considering to delete it, if so here is a message for you: Oooh this site is soooo shiny and cool, i think that this is the best site i have ever been on. Okay back to my random ranting, well it's not really ranting if i'm not angry.... mabye i should type in CAPS BECAUSE THEN IT WILL SEEM THAT I AM ANGRY, WHICH MEANS I'M RANTING AND IF I'M RANTING IT MEANS THAT I CAN CHANGE MY EARLIER COMMENT, but if i change it, then you won't know what i meant when i said i would change it. hmmm that's a very hard decician, hmm i wonder how many mistakes i've made in this post. hmmm i wonder how many hmmmm's i can get in one post. Mabye I could just say hmmmm hmmmm hmmm hmmm, nah that would be too many hmmm's, i should just say hmmm hmmm, yeah that would be better, ok here it goes, hmm hmmm hmmm, oops too many hmmm's, it's meant to be hmm hmm. Okay i better stop with the hmmm's otherwise you'll just change the page. But wait your still reading, mabye that means you find me funny or that you ARE one of the newgrounds staff people. O.o. Ok i am begining to not be able to think of any more ideas to ramble on about ok ill just stop now with 30,827 characters remaining, oops it just changed it's now 30,768 characters remaining. IT CHANGED AGAIN. hmm mabye i could just stop typing and not tell you what is left...... hmm that would be a good idea, i know i'll just finish with a plug for my site. it's full of pointless jokes.



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2007-10-11 08:56:20

Thats cool

welcome to newgrounds